Create-A-Clan II

Apr 22, 2006

Time: 12:00

Venue: Cosmic Comic Cafe (Kauppiaskatu 4)

Format: other 2

Price Support:

Entry Fee: At least one beverage from the bar

Organizer: Jussi Hattara

Tournament had 6 participants, all playing decks created by either Jussi or Jarkko. Due to lack of players it was decided to be played as two rounds with one 6-player table each. Both rounds timed out, first with Simo and Jussi both taking two preys down, second with Jarkko ousting Tommi and Esko ousting Jussi. Tournament was won by Simo Kuosmanen playing Pharaohs (DOM POT SER) created by Jussi. The deck also won the award for best layout. Award for most entertaining clan to play with went to Mika Uusi-Kilponen playing Dark Jedi (CEL DOM SPI) created by Jarkko. Award for road less travelled was split between the top-4 finishers.

1 Simo Kuosmanen (Pharaohs) 0 3 0 46
2 Jussi Hattara (Finmetal) 0 2.5 0 31
3 Jarkko Suvela (Freemasons) 0 1.5 0 21
3 Esko Rae (Finnish Rock Stars) 0 1.5 0 21
5 Mika Uusi-Kilponen (Dark Jedi) 0 0.5 0 10
6 Tommi Hakomaa (Mega City One) 0 0 0 5