General Links

Vampire: The Eternal Struggle

Lasombra's V:TES site
is the biggest resource in the net for V:TES. It is run by Jeffrey Thompson AKA The Lasombra.

The Path of Blood
is a site dedicated to the Children of Haqim (aka Assamites).

is a site dedicated to the clan Tzimisce. It is run by Prince of Columbia South Carolina Joe Churchill. If you are looking to make your own V:tES cards look here for Joe's great Photoshop templates.


Secret Library
is an online V:TES card database, deck builder and inventory manager.

V:TES Deck Building Tools

Anarch Revolt Deck Builder
is a program created by Francois Gombault and further developed by Graham Smith.

V:TES Online
is a home for CCG Workshop's V:TES game.

is a HTML based online V:TES client.


V:TES Turku
is Yahoo! Group for players living in or visiting our beautiful city. I'm managing the site with the help of our local Prince Raymond Mäkeläinen.

VTES in Helsinki
is managed by Prince Petri Wessman.

Pirkanmaa Powerbase
tells you what is going on in Tampere. Local Prince is Otto Kukkasniemi (f/k/a Koskinen) AKA Oko.

Vampire Joensuu
is Yahoo! Group for players living in or visiting Joensuu. Prince is Kari-Pekka Mustonen.

hosts a discussion forum for VTES in Pori. Prince of Pori is Pauli Kiova.

Rest of Europe

is managed by Archibald Zimonyi, former Prince of Gothenburg.

V:TES Norway
is hosted by Prince of Bergen, Øyvind Monsen.

Damnans' Page
has custom cards and tools to create them. It is run by Ginés Quiñonero Santiago AKA Damnans, National Cordinator of Spain.


Mahasamatman's V:TES CCG Trading