Welcome to Tenerdo.org, home to Vampire: the Eternal Struggle Powerbase: Turku. V:tES is a CCG published by White Wolf. Within these pages you can find a list of all tournaments held by our prince Raymond Mäkeläinen and other local players, with links to tournament winning decks; a gallery containing tournament posters and other images; unofficial promotional cards of the Turku Expansion and other custom cards created by local players; and more. If there is something that should be within these pages but you cannot find, or something that shouldn't be in here but is, please send me feedback.

Weekly Meetings
We gather to play once a week at Restaurant Kerttu (Läntinen pitkäkatu 35) on Tuesdays at 16:00.

Conklaavi 2010 (Mini ECQ) (Mar 28, 2010)
This year the official Conklaavi 2010 VTES tournament will not be held during the Conklaavi, but rather 2 weeks before the convention.

Praxis Seizure: Turku LI (Feb 28, 2010)
Last tournament in Turku before Heirs to the Blood becomes legal.

Storyline: Eden's Legacy (Nov 8, 2009)
The fall 2009 storyline tournament will be held at Turku-sali.

Praxis Seizure: Turku L (Oct 18, 2009)
The 50th tournament of the Praxis Seizure series was played at Turku-sali. There were 17 participants and the tournament was won by Marko Lindroos playing Lutz and his 10-cap parity shifting friends.

Conklaavi 2009 (Mini ECQ) (May 9, 2009)
For the ninth time the second largest and second oldest gaming event in Finland hosts the traditional VtES tournament.

Storyline: Rise of the Imperator (May 3, 2009)
The Rise of the Imperator storyline tournament will be held in Turku-sali.

Praxis Seizure: Turku XLVII (Mar 8, 2009)
Tournament was held in Turku-Sali (Rehtoripellonkatu 4 A). Winner was Ville Ruuskanen playing a Tremere Anathema deck.

Praxis Seizure: Turku XLVI (Jan 25, 2009)
Tournament was held in Turku-Sali (Rehtoripellonkatu 4 A). Winner was Esko Rae playing Pander vote.

Praxis Seizure: Turku XLV (Nov 30, 2008)
Tournament was held in Turku-Sali (Rehtoripellonkatu 4 A). Winner was Otso Saariluoma playing Gangrel with Dominate.

Release Party: Keepers of Tradition (Nov 29, 2008)
The tournament was held in the Turku City Library (Linnankatu 2) during the Library Plays event. Price support included the four new promotional cards (House of Sorrow, Subdued by the Blood, Two Wrongs, Lay Low) and the tournament was played with 1 starter and 4 boosters with an optional draft. Tournament was won by Miika Karmitsa playing Toreador, who also took the team event.